Divisional in a Day, a MINI Video Recap

Going through some previous e-mails & forum posts, I found these 2 videos from Chuck, who drives a silver MINI Cooper S (his co-competitors call it the “clown car”).  I had test driven this model car a few years ago & know that it is an awesome performer, feeling like a larger, very stable car – it is very confidence inspiring.

A multi-pack of MINIs

This was from the SPOKES 8-10-08 autocross.  The reason I’m posting these is to show you that the same course, run in one direction in the morning & the reverse direction in the afternoon, can be quite different & interesting,  each in their own way.

To review – here’s the AM course configuration:

Spokes, 2008-08-10 SAR AM course layout 

Here’s Chuck’s video of his AM run:

Chuck’s AM run on YouTube 

To review – here’s the PM course configuration:

 Spokes, 2008-08-10 SAR PM course layout

Here’s Chuck’s video of his PM run:

Chuck’s PM run on YouTube

Again, you can see they are very different.  It seems most people preferred the afternoon course configuration.  Could it be due to getting morning cob webs cleared out, or were people just enjoying a change to something different?  I’m not sure we’ll ever know, but at Racing Ready we try to report all sides.


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