Bothered by “The Man”?

Actually, that man is you!  Let me explain . . .

I was thinking today (what a concept!).  One of the appeals of racing , in general, and autocrossing in particular, is the ability to flaunt authority – the law!  By that, I mean, you can speed and drive like a relative maniac, compared to the the average “Joe Driver” in the street.  And, it’s all legal (as long as you follow the simple club rules and regs).

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Driver 

Of course, once you’ve gotten some of your aggressions out in a couple of runs, or, it may take you a couple of events, you will have talked and listened to others.  Your question to others or yourself would be, “Why am I not improving in my class?” or “Why am I always attracted to cones and can’t make a clean run?”  Eventually, if you’re smart, you’ll listen to the veterans, stop whining and talking and listen.  You will ask them to go along with you on your runs to advise you in better “Autocrossmanship”, if that’s a word.

Over time, you’ll learn to understand what people mean when they say:

Smooth is fast.

It’s true!  Those that drive/compete without seesawing the steering wheel, without agressively braking and accelerating, seem to do consistently, more improved run times.

I speak from very little personal experience.  But I’ve been reading a lot & I still remember a few things from my over 15 year ago stint at autocrossing.  Take it easy and build up both your speed and confidence in gentle increments.

These are things that the pros will tell you & will generally help you to become better Racing Ready!


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