The Cycle of Life – Phil Hill Passes On

Although I prefer to discuss the fun & enjoyment of what becoming Racing Ready is all about, I need to mention two individuals whose life has recently passed.

One of my co-worker’s twin infant daughters passed last week, and it has put myself & many others in a different & reflective frame of mind.  She will be sorely missed, even though she had not quite reached three months of age.  Life & the people you live and associate with are special.  You need to tell them that!

Phil Hill, in the prime of life

I just found out that former American racing great & legend Phil Hill died today.  He was 81.  I’m not old enough to ever have seen him race, but I’ve heard & read some of the stories.  He was SO very well regarded & a true gentleman.

Here’s a short article I found at

After receiving a report earlier today, we’ve just confirmed the sad news that Phil Hill, the first American to win a Formula One World Drivers Championship, passed away at 10:30 this morning at the age of 81 after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Hill will be remembered as one of the greatest race car drivers in American history, having won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Italian Grand Prix, among others. He will also be remembered as a great writer, known to many for his years of work writing about cars and automotive history for Road & Track. Phil Hill is survived by his wife Alma, one son and two daughters. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends, family and colleagues. More information as it becomes available. Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Sport

Phil Hill, later in life

One wonders about the cycle of life and what it’s all about.  I have no answers here.  All I ask is you take a sincere moment to honor those that have passed, and tell your near & dear ones you love them.


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