Belle Isle IndyCar Observations

Up front, I’ll tell you –  I’m rooting for Helio Castroneves.  Although I didn’t like the blocking of Justin Wilson he was doing toward the end of the race.

 Helio leading @ Belle Isle - courtesy of

I like the passion Helio provides both on & off the track.  Yes – I admit, I enjoyed watching him, and partner Julianne Hough (YUM), win the Dancing With The Stars contest TV show last year.

Helio with Trophies

It was at this Belle Isle event, years ago, that Helio initiated his “fence climbing” ritual whenever he won a race.  This year he’s been on a drought of wins.  But he has been consistently quick! 

Helio fence climbing at Indy

They call this a road course, at the Belle Isle Park IndyCar venue.  Although it’s put together from roads in a city park of Detroit, in the middle of the river, it’s NOT a road course for at least 2 specific reasons.  These have to do with concrete.

Reason #1 – there are concrete road barriers lining pretty much the entire circuit.  Reason #2 – there are numerous off camber and bumpy concrete patches throughout this course.  They were saying it has always been a bumpy course.  My point is this – although its in a park setting, this is a street course!

Racing Ready likes racing, but it needs to be done clean & fair.  That’s my take…


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