Audacious Audi

Late yesterday afternoon I experienced a revealing driving experience (actually I was riding along, only as a passenger – damn!).  One of my neighbors, Richard, is a salesman at a local Audi dealership (Cavender Audi).  In his driveway there was lurking a 2008 Audi S6 black sedan.

The Audi S6 driveway lurking

It looked very slick, wanting to move fast, but was just standing still.  Earlier, I had heard & then seen Richard drive up in this anticipatory machine.  You can hear a low, menacing growl as it comes around the corner.  It’s not loud, but it possesses a purposeful burble that makes you look up.  You notice that is it is much more than the run of the mill sports sedan.

Audi A6 mug shots

The drive was short but sweet – some local streets, the highway & a rural twisty road.  Richard was taking it easy, but the car’s V10, 5.2 liter engine’s lack of drama, and a hushed sense of road and wind noise had him activating the 80mph warning beep (one of the many electronic adjustments – you can preset at what speed you want to be warned that you are exceeding).  It was hard to believe those muted sounds of glory were masking 435 HP!  I didn’t even mind that it was a Tiptronic automanual type transmission, complete with steering wheel paddles.  The speed just grew out of nowhere!

Audi S6 V10 engine

Richard has extensive sports car experience with luxury aspirations, having sold Porsche, BMW, Mini, Mercedes and other similar vehicles in this class.  During the drive he stated (many times, in fact) that this car was the best of the crop, even better than a top of the line Mercedes sedan costing much more.  As an aside, here’s a dose of reality – this  S6 cost $81,000 He said it felt & drove like a sports coupe, but he still felt surprised when getting out that this was actually a sedan.

Audi slicing a curve

This autobahn rocket just exudes power.  When you give it some throttle, it powerfully growls with the anticipation of the quest for speed.  The quattro drivetrain kept all the different road surfaces in check.  It pushed us back into our gripping, sport contoured Milano leather seats, almost straining our neck muscles.  I’m surprised my neck isn’t just a little sore today.  After every rush of acceleration, Richard would be giddy like a kid with this awesome show of force, accompanied by a non-sedan sounding, low frequency snarl.

Audi under 6 seconds

Earlier yesterday I had shown Richard this blog & he was pleased to see that H2R (Harris Hill Road) was now open, accepting memberships and having special track day events.  He recognised Bo Rivers’ picture and remembers talking to him about possibly coordinating the on track day event.  That would be a cool event to participate in.  He felt that few cars would be able to keep up with this S6 model.  Just last week this car’s owner surprised a Corvette on the highway.

Audi A6 4-ring grill

It’s good to get an occasional dose of “ultra-reality” (driving high end cars) here at Racing Ready.  It illustrates the potential of what’s mechanically & lustfully available.  If you’re in the South/Central Texas region, Richard can help you to appreciate Audi’s flair for performance  at the Cavender Audi dealership.


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