A Karting Experience, Part 2

Continuing from yesterday…at Alamo Karts.  I was asked to watch a 6 minute safety video.  Ann Wilson, the Manager, explained this was a necessary part of preparing for the karting experience.  This video was produced by F1 Boston, a very nice indoor/outdoor karting facility in Boston, MA, USA.  It was about normal, no-nonsense, common sense ways to act & react on the track with your fellow karters.  Ann says they are working on their own version of a safety video.

Kart racing video SO fast the camerphone only got a blur

After signing the insurance/liability waiver, I put my pockets’ contents in a secured locker.  I was then given a black balaclava (head sock), an open face helmet with full face clear visor and a neck brace.  Here are the racks of all this safety equipment.

Helmet & other safety equipment racks

Going outside to the paddock area was a relative “sea” of almost 20 karts.

The sea of karts

My kart, #8, was already warmed up, idling & waiting to race.

Kart #8 front quarter view

Kart #8 rear quarter view

These are the Rimo Alpha Karts from Germany.  They are powered by propane.  You can see the light blue, diamond shaped sticker, to the left of the driver.   The power comes from a single cylinder Honda, 9 HP, 4-cycle engine, currently tuned to top out at about 30 MPH, to the right of the driver.  They do have a couple of these karts set up to their maximum speed capability, about 40 MPH!  These are for those drivers that have already proven their experience & ability (or maybe they are already jaded by the speed of the “slower” karts).

More to come tomorrow.  You’ll read about my actual Racing Ready 10 minute run, and my surprising initial karting impressions.  Enjoy till then.


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  1. Very Cool Dan !! Waiting for post tomorrow 🙂 Way to “drag it out” !!! This looks VERY fun! //art

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