Back to a Spokes Autocross

I just got back from attending a Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club autocross at San Antonio Raceway.  It’s been 3 (!) weeks since I last attended an autocross event.  It sure seemed like a long time.

Due to side job obligations on Saturday, I got very little sleep & therefore, this will be a short posting.  I attended today’s autocross, once again, in observation mode.  The course layout was posted online – here it is:

August 7, 2008 Autocross Course Map

In actuality, this was the morning course.  It was decided late last week that most people (by a 2 to 1 margin) preferred to have a 2 course autocross, today.  Many people were at this event in preparation for the National Autocross Divisional event, in Topeka, Kansas later this month.  More another day on the “NATS”…

It was good to visit with people I already knew from the SPOKES club & to meet people new to me and to my blog.  It will be another 3 (!) weeks until the next autocross (by SASCA).  Whatever it takes to be Racing Ready!


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