Unexpected Auto-X Particpant

Yesterday at the SPOKES autocross I met Mark, a new, autocross novice competitor.  He came down from Austin with some of his buddies to watch this event.  They had asked him to bring his car as they didn’t have enough room in the other car that one of his buddies was going to compete in.  Mark had no intention whatsoever of participating, but just watching.  His buddies had other ideas & encouraged him to “go for it!”  He did!

 The smile says it all!

His ride is not at all what you would think of when one considers prime autocross rolling stock.  Mark owns a 1993 LS400, with 191,000 miles on the odometer!  It’s RWD & an automatic transmission.  The organizers of this event had a bit of a challenge trying to decide in what class to place Mark’s car.  They decided on F Stock.

 Forging new ground in SPOKES autocross history!

People were saying Mark’s car was the quietest out on the course.  With the exception of the chirping, complaining noises from the street tires, no sound was ever heard from that V8.  Mark was having a good time, consistantly improving his course times.

 What a comparison... !

It’s good to see fresh youth entering into the sport of autocross, to enjoy the good clean fun & learning of advanced car control skills as one becomes better Racing Ready!


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