SCCA Nationals Preparation Runs

Rick\'s Datsun, ready on the grid

Rick, the SPOKES President, was sorting out some upgrade and tuning issues on his highly modified Datsun 240Z.  Over the previous month, plus, he had been working on modifications to improved intake & exhaust engine breathing.  One thing he installed was a new header & exhaust pipe.

Rick\'s header & exhaust pipe - before installation





 Rick\'s header installed detail







What was more challenging was getting his car to breath better.  Rick had changed out his carburator jets.  On this straight 6 engine, he has 3 throttle bodies with 2 jets each – a total of 6 jets.  His Datsun was having problems with the engine bogging down upon different amounts of acceleration.

Ricks Mikunis carbs installed 

Rick asked me to do him a favor & assist with an “observational ride-along” with him.  I said sure, got a loaner helmet, and strapped in.  His passenger seat & 4 point harness was a little easier to get into than Ron Vaughn’s Spec Miata I rode along in at Harris Hill Road (H2R) last July.  On this ride-along, my task was to monitor the wideband air/fuel mixture gauge, to make sure it didn’t spike above a certain value.  He did this with other participants, as well, in preparation for the upcoming SCCA National Championship Runoffs coming up soon (October 6-12, 2008).  I, too, would want to get all the performance out of his 114 octane racing fuel at $10.75 a gallon!

 Active fine tuning by Rick

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