SCCA Nationals Details, Corrected!

SPOKES President Rick to the rescue!  If you didn’t notice the comment on yesterday’s blog, here’s what Rick rightly had to say:

Hi Dan,

This is the link for the SCCA Solo National Championships:

The event you refer to in your blog (”the runoffs”) is the SCCA road race equivalent of our Nationals…


WHOOPS – I slipped back into the “trust that all that you see on the Internet is correct & don’t verify with real people who know” trap!  The Internet gives you great information, but real people offer the context to help have it all make sense…

 2008 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships correct logo

My apologies!!!  Please let me right my wrong…the “Nationals” for autocrossing (called Solo in SCCA) are really called the 2008 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.

Heartland Park Topeka logo

Yes, they are all still located in Heartland Park Topeka, Kansas.  Here are the correct dates: Saturday, 9/13 through Friday 9/19.  Those dates make more sense.  This is the 20th year at Heartland Park for this event, and is the 36th running of this championship.

Heartland Park SOLO Nationals course lot

Now that you all know I’m human and can commit mistakes, I’m now going to drag myself back to yesterday’s post, tail between my legs & fix a few things so people won’t be left with misinformation, if that’s all they read…

Showing that you can admit & correct your mistakes is a human part of being Racing Ready.


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