Tire Scrubbing for Nationals

The usual autocross activity is doing your best to get through the course as quickly as possible, without taking out any cones.  At times, you can observe competitors trying out new things, maybe experimenting with something they are working on.

 Autocross grid panorama, 2008-09-07

Well, that was the case at this past Sunday’s SPOKES autocross.  I visited with 2 such individuals.

First was Carolyn.  I was able to pick up a raincheck from her of a previous autocross – a hot ride-along.  She drives the Corvette I posted about here in Handles Like A Miata.  Damn, she sure can put that car through the paces.  Carolyn was SO focused and driven (no pun intended) that she was out of breath after her mid-40 second run.  It was fun to watch her push her ‘Vette through that course, SO hard.

Carolyn\'s Vette - ready for Nationals

Her “little project” at this autocross was to scrub in the new set of R-compound tires she had just gotten for the upcoming Nationals.  She said that a good set of tires should be good for about 22 runs or heat cycles before they start to lose their good grip.  So, instead of taking the 8 runs in each of the morning & afternoon heats, she took 4 runs each “double” heat.  I use the term “double”, as she registered for double runs (therefore the “D” in painters tape on her door).  In this way she was able to allow her tires to cool enough, to “cure” so to speak.  I guess you could make the analogy that she was “forging” her tires like they do with steel…

Vette tire detail

Tomorrow I’ll post about the second individual’s “project”.  If he’s successful, it would further us all to become more Racing Ready!


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