Plot Your Auto-X Course

As mentioned yesterday, while observing last Sunday’s SPOKES autocross, I witnessed some individuals working on special projects.

Chuck, who drives a Mini Cooper S – members of the SPOKES club have nicknamed this the ‘clown car’ – was working on such a project.  He’s in the red hat, below.

 Clown car - rear quarter






Clown car - front quarter






Many autocross participants videotape  their runs (actually taking digital video) for personal analysis, posting on YouTube, showing off, etc.

Mounted digital video camera

Chuck is working on integrating video with GPS location information.  In this way, you can watch the run from the vantage point of the driver, along with an overview of the actual run plotted on a course (I admit, I’m guessing here).  I’ll have to ask Chuck for more information the next time I see him, as I don’t want to post misinformation.

The nested Garmin GPS plotter location 

He had a Garmin GPS plotter device nested up in his sunroof that he would reset (somehow) after each run.  He’s doing this on his own time, working out some sort of a program to make this work.  This would be a cool tool to help make oneself more Racing Ready C’mon Chuck, let us know more!


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