Karting for Wounded Warriors

Last night, while attending the Alamo Karts Fall Race League session, I remembered there was one other noteable service they provide.  They recognize that there are a number of wounded/handicapped military veterans that would still want to try their hand at kart racing.  I say hand, as Alamo Karts has a specially prepared “Wounded Warrior” kart, which uses hand controls.  It’s all in the steering wheel configuration.

Wounded Warrier kart - front 







Wounded Warrier kart - rear









Ann Wilson, Manager at Alamo Karts, explained they have specially adapted a RiMO kart.  The major modification is a different kind of steering wheel.  On the right side of this wheel is a motorcycle style twist grip accelerator – the left side has a motorcycle style squeeze lever for the brake.  It seems to work well for the few veterans who have taken advantage of it.

Hand controls detail 

Ann says that it has meant a lot to those who have tried this hand control, race capable kart.  They feel happy to be able to participate (“play”) at an activity they had no idea they could ever do.  Also, this option is available at special discounted pricing.  Alamo Karts is there to offer options.  Please call Ann Wilson at #210-828-5511; you can also e-mail her at awilson@alamokarts.com.

Spc. Nick Bratland at Alamo Karts Grand Opening

Options is what it’s all about…both in the world of motorsports and here at Racing Ready.


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