The Elusive Apex of a Curve

In any kind of driving, racing or even walking, there are many ways in which to most efficiently approach and follow-through on a bend in your path, known as a curve.   Finding & using the the ubiquitous apex is the key to a successful curve negotiation.

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Here is a formal definition of Apex (courtesy of the BeaveRun Motorsports Complex):

APEX – The point at which your driving line touches, or comes closest to, the inner radius of a curve.

APEX – THEORETICAL – The geometric miid-point along the inside radius of a curve,  Also known as the “Classic Apex”.

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It’s interesting that I found a great web-based reference about apex negociation, through a varietyof different turns, from a karting facility website, in Ireland of all places (that warms the cockles of my heart as I’m 1/2 Irish on both sides).  It’s at Kart City, in Dublin, Ireland!  Click the link or the racing line image to read about it…

Ideal cornering, the racing line - Kart City, Dublin, Ireland

This definately lends credence to the fact that many successful open wheel, road course champions got their start learning to race in their youth with karts.  Is it a coincidence that I’m learning more about racing at my local karting facility Alamo Karts, hmmm?

Hitting the apex

Karts are fun, but learning to properly handle & dominate (or is cooperate a better word choice) a full-size car is the greater skill to learn.  This is an ongoing challenge as one becomes Racing Ready!


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