How & Where Do I Participate?

For the newbie wannabe racer, I just wanted to point you to a great source of information.  Grassroots Mototsports is more than just a magazine – they support all sorts of beginning & experienced wannabe racers with focused information, how-to articles and special projects.

Grassroots Motorsports

One area of recognition is that this magazine is the sanctioned periodical of NASA – the National Auto Sport Association.  I’ve been looking to subscribe to a good wannabe racing magazine and I think this will be it.  You can even go to their website & order a free sample magazine.  I know – I’ve done it!


Go to Spectator to Competitor, where autocrossing and other racing activities are suggested as paths to get involved.  Here are the titles on this webpage:
– Autocross
– Time Trials and Driving Schools
– Road Racing
– Vintage Racing
– Road Rallying
– Performance Rally
– Drag Racing
– Oval Track Racing

Visit Local sports cars and marque clubs to view & click on a comprehensive national (USA) list of all kinds of enthusiasts car clubs.  It’s a good mix of locations and auto marques.

Racing Ready wants to guide you down the path of successful racing.


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