Perfect ‘Vette Opportunity

One of my daytime co-workers is considering upgrading to some better looking & more aggressive wheels & tires for his recent model Corvette.

Z06 Black Split 7 - 360 FORGED, Inc. 

I have been slowly, but surely, suggesting he visit some of these local autocross events I’ve been observing and blogging about.  In this way he can see if this would be something he would have an interest in following through on.  He’s got an awesome car, but I think he needs a safe and capable outlet to pursue its full capabilities.

Fender stripes on a black Vette

Once he goes to the 2nd set of rims route, well, he’s got the original set to use for “fun” purposes.  He could use those, without concern, for autocrossing or attending an HPDE (high performance driving event), such as those that can be experienced at H2R – Harris Hill Road or Driveway Austin.

H2R logo

Driveway Austin logo

So, if you are even curious to see what it’s all about, this wannabe racing thing, go visit your local sports car club.  As I mentioned yesterday, you can visit Spectator to Competitor from Grassroots Mototsports for local club inspiration.

Racing Ready is all about spreading the word about moving forward into racing, if that’s where you want to go.  Even if you don’t know, you’ve got to at least try.  You’ll be kicking yourself the rest of your life if you don’t!


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