Smart Car Conversions, for Fun

A while back, Brian (my motorcycle riding co-worker) forwarded me some interesting conversion kits for the new, tiny, Smart Car.  So for fun today, I wanted to share these (in light of my new car autocross suggestions from yesterday’s post).

Here is the Actual Smart Car in a size comparion to a Chevy Suburban:

 Smart Cart and a Suburban

The Smorvette:


The Smorche:


The Smorsche Traga:

Smorshe Targa 

And the Smerrari:


Obviously someone had a lot of time on their hands & a good grasp of Photoshop.  Do you think these would be practical autocross runners? 🙂

Here’s to having a good weekend as the Fall weather approaches.  At Racing Ready the weather change is appreciated, all the more comfortable for an all-day autocross event.


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  1. More information about the body kits for the smart mustang or smart porche we have a engin of a smart car we need a body kit for an kitcar

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