First Time Out Miata

At last Sunday’s SASCA autocross I talked with some veteran autocrossers who were debuting cars new to them & to the autocross world.

Identifying his ride 

Cassio brought his ’91 Mazda Miata that he’s been working on for a few months.  Since he is running in the SM2 class, he is been able to strip out all sorts of comfort amenities that don’t add to the competitiveness of his car.  For example, no more HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and the cruise control is gone.  Note the austere metal panel on the center of the dash & the new gauges where the vents used to be – looks great & practical, too.

Miata utilitarian dash 

He has added a small turbo, currently running only 5 to 6 pounds of boost, but he says it sure spools up quickly.  Of course, there is an intercooler installed, as well.

 The business end

To fit the larger than stock wheels & tires, he & a friend had to roll the fenders.  He was able to rent a “fender roller” tool (never seen one of those, yet) and it seems to have done a nice job.  The tires fit well & the flare of the fender looks slick.  Also, he has fitted a more secure fitting driver’s seat and the appropriate harness.

Miata rear fender flared

No-nonsense interior











Cassio had been competing in a few year old Acura Integra.  In the Miata, he is impressed at how well you can control the over/understeer.  In other words, you can steer with the accelerator, in addition to the steering wheel.  It is much more fun to toss through a course, while autocrossing.

Racing Ready is tossing about some future competitive ideas for future autocrossing!


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