First Time for Bullitt

At the most recent SASCA autocross, experienced autocrosser Peter was debuting his new wheels, a 2008 Bullitt Mustang.  It is bone-stock, with only 3800 miles on the odometer.

Peter says it’s the “Best bang for the buck!”  He was very proud of his V8-powered, rear wheel drive, Detroit iron.  After driving (& autocrossing) an ’05 Mazda Miata & a Nissan 280Z (and others) he was having a great time with his new wheels.

Peter prepping on grid

This model & its green color were built to honor the Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT 390 that Steve McQueen drove in one of the world’s most well-regarded chase scenes.  This model is also available in black, but that’s not right!

Bullitt mag wheel detail

This is a model built to reminisce that original model – I think most of these newer model owners are happy with the image and performance they invested in.  Racing Ready is ready to invest more in future endeavors.


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