Autocrossing, Like Father, Like Son

Father & Son on grid

At this past Sunday’s SASCA autocross, I met a father and his son, both autocrossing their cars, down from Austin, TX.  Scott, is a 30+ year veteran of autocrossing, and his son, Dustin, has just started this past year.

 Lotus logo

Scott’s ride is that purpose-built little racer that’s actually street legal, a 2006 Lotus Elise.  It looked to me like the color was like British Racing Green.

Lotus cooling down between runs






Prepped to go from grid








His Lotus has been slightly modified which has taken him into the SS class.  Scott has upgraded the tires and wheels, installed adjustable shocks, and a better front sway bar.

The FLAT underbody Lotus Elise floor 





Lotus Elise interior - all business







To best enjoy the capabilities of his Lotus, Scott has become a member of Harris Hill Road.  I probably saw him & his car out there this past July.  To say that Scott takes care of his ride is a big understatement.  He has made the investment to transport his car (and associated “stuff”) in an enclosed trailer.  That is a major commitment.

 Lotus trailer setup

Dustin explained that this is just his 6th ot 7th time at autocrossing.  His ride is a beautiful 2007 Posche Cayman.

Even fast looking sitting still 

For now, his modifications have been few & straightforward – simply tires, wheels, and alignment.  Dustin, like his Dad, is in the SS class.

Porsche Cayman - stock vs. autocross wheels & tires


They were packing up by the time I got to visit with them, so I wasn’t able to get very much information.  But even without words, you could feel the commitment that this father-son team has.  They enjoy driving their cars dynamically.

Too bad more people don’t really enjoy their cars, like these two do.  Unlike Scott & Dustin, those other folk are posers…


 Even thought this interior is far from spartan, like his Dad’s Lotus, this Porsche means business, too.

Cayman interior

Racing Ready is starting to get closer to enjoying some of these same dynmics, soon.


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