A 5-Year “Rookie”

Robert says he’s been autocrossing for 5 years and says he’s still a rookie.  What I think he is really saying is that he is always looking to improve and do better.  Besides improving himself, he’s been improving his car, a recent model black Corvette.

Strapped in and ready to go! 

Robert is a regular at these SASCA autocrosses.  The one very noticeable physical upgrade to the car are the massive 305mm tires (that’s a whoppin’ 12″).  These pieces of meat just fit into the wheelwells of his ‘Vette.

Corvette engine bay flanked by major meat



The modifications he mentioned are: poly bushings, QA-1 adjustable shocks, and a lowered suspension.  Surprisingly, the engine is still stock.  His next project will be to improve the intake (specifically a larger throttle body) and better flowing headers.  In other words, Robert wants it to breath better.




You might think these Kumho tires he has fitted are full slicks.  But no, there are 2 grooves on the inside portion on the tread.  In this picture you can see that section is dark with moisture.  Many competitors will spray down their tires with water while on the grid, between runs.  They want to help keep the tire temperature down.  This also helps to lengthen the tire’s competitive life.

No space for anything but serious rubber 

On grid cooling down between runs

I like Robert’s rear license plate frame.  I decided to edit the license number to something more fitting…

Corvette rear license frame

Racing Ready is working on its need to get into being a rookie…


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