Good Convoluted Autocross Course

SPOKES logo 

Tomorrow, SPOKES will conduct their autocross event #8.  It will be located, as is usually the case, at San Antonio Raceway, between San Antonio & Seguin, Texas.

San Antonio Raceway - layout

The area above described as the ‘14.5 Acers (their typo) Paved Pit Parking’ is where the actual autocross course is set up and run.  Look below to see the autocross course that will be run tomorrow.

 Auto-X course layout, 2008-10-05

It is very convoluted, lots of switchbacks, chicanes, and going in all directions.  It looks to be a good technical course also with good speed – a definate challenge!  This should result in well-rounded, almost even wear, to the competitors car’s tires, be they street, R-compound, or racing slick tires.

Racing Ready is working upon becoming well-rounded, to assist many of you visitors in the future.


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