Honda S2000 Extremes

At the previous weekend’s SASCA autocross, there were two competitors who brought their different Honda S2000 rides, from two extremes of the competitive spectrum.

On grid, ready to roll

Mike has been involved in autocrossing for many years.  I believe he is pegged to be the next SASCA treasurer.  He bought his silver 2002 S2000 with a striking blood red interior, about 1.5 years ago.  Prior to his Honda sports car ownership, Mike was a Miata owner and autocrosser.

Blood-red interior

Mike has done minimal modifications to his S2000, still staying within the A Stock class.

On the other hand, and in definately another SCCA class is Stanford’s S2000, in the SCCA SM2 (Street Modified) class.

Keeping cool, getting ready for the next run

Here’s the laundry list of intense modifications Stanford has done:

  • those huge tires: 285mm (10″) front, 295mm (10.5″) rear
  • 900lb. springs to support those large tires
  • all 4 fenders rolled out to fit these tires w/o rubbing
  • significant suspension work, including Moton dampers
  • a Mike Lasky motor, by John Long of J.C.Autospec
  • I’m sure there are more modifications he didn’t mention…

The control center

Just look at those big tires!

Major meat

Currently the motor in running “only” 10 lbs. of boost, putting a conservative 310HP to the wheels.  Stanford will go to 16 lbs. of boost (!) to get 450HP to the wheels.  The modification that he is waiting for is an industrial strength differential that can handle the increased power.

Lot\'s of nice hardware

Also, very noticeable are the gaping holes in his hood – the better to let the engine breath and vent heat.

Open breathing

Stanford mentioned that he has a website and/or a mySpace with data & results about his car, but I still don’t know what it is (yet).  One thing I do know is that he was the lowest overall (PAX-formula adjusted) time at the SASCA event of 9/29/2008 (he also attended the SPOKES event of 10/5/2008).  Quite a feat, even beating out powerful Corvettes, Porsches & a Lotus Elise.

Racing Ready wants to offer extremes and be a powerful force in the future.


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