Autocrossing the Toaster, a Scion xB

Over the past few months I’ve been noticing this lime green 2006 Scion xB at the SASCA autocross events.  I finally talked to Will, the owner of this boxy ride that club members have nicknamed, “The Toaster”.


 Front quarter on grid


Will said that the SCCA will not allow the owner of this vehicle to compete using R-compound tires.  Apparently, their concern is that with the additional traction, there would be a greater propensity for it to roll over.  In response to that concern, Will has lowered his xB by three inches.  It still looks tall, and hardly seems lowered, at all.


 Quietly waiting to be next!


His times are adequate for his STS class, considering that these are street tires & he has all that body mass rolling around up there.  Also note, his number and classification are spray painted on the side of his car, but this stuff wipes right off just like a dry erase board.


No, it is NOT graffiti 


His car is striking not only for the snazzy green color, but as you can see, he has a noticeable graphic on his rear window.  Will is the Vice President of Envious Rides.  This is a group of guys that fix up the looks of their cars and “hang out”.  He said they are working on a website,, but it’s not ready yet and is currently parked on the Web.  For now, they have a mySpace site.


Envious Rides rear window 


The wheels and rims that you see are what he drives on daily.  Will does have some other, more appropriate and better showing rims and tires, but he says there is no tread remaining on those other tires.  For bling, he has these cool door lock toppers that are a chrome miniaturization of his car.  He says everybody gravitates to those when they come over to look at his car.


 Mini xB door lock toppers


Racing Ready doesn’t do bling, but is here to offer you information, inspiration and some entertainment.  Additional Products will be forthcoming in the future.




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