Volvo 760 TurboDiesel w/a Purpose

Like I’ve said in the past, you see all sorts of rolling stock entered into a autocross competition.  I noticed this different Volvo and talked to its owner, Owen.

Volvo TurboDiesel on grid

This is Owen’s mid-80’s Volvo 760 TurboDiesel Wagon.  He said he originally bought it as a parts car for only $100.  Then he put in a running motor for $200.  One thing led to another and he decided it was worth driving and fixing up more.  (For a more specific history & detailed photos, go the this TurboBricks forum!)

Volvo TurboDiesel engine bay

It originally had an automatic transmission, then he retrofitted & converted it to a standard shift 5-speed.  He said this was originally a Canada car.

Business only cockpit

Owen fully rewired ALL the electrical – click on that nest of wires for an interesting close up!

A scary wiring job

The interior is very purpose-built, or rather, unbuilt.  Owen has stripped out EVERYTHING non-essential to significantly reduce weight.  He put the batteries (2) in the back corners for weight distribution.  He also upgraded the front sway bar & cut the rear (I think) springs.  All the better to manage all that boxy mass.

The austere, purpose un-built interior

This project has been a learning experience for Owen.  He’s gotten a lot of welding practice.  He’s been gradually replacing the rusted sections with solid metal.  He should have no more rust issues here in South Texas, as opposed to Virginia.  That is where he &  his Volvo came from.  This is the same rear corner from the abover interior photo, from the outside & below.  You can see the battery hold down bolts.

Some of the welding repairs

Maybe this is what Owen’s end goal is – one can only hope…  What do you think?

Radar gun look-alike?  What do you think?

Racing Ready will take on all comers to describe and illustrate them.  There IS hope that you can compete as a beginning racer with any sort of rolling stock!


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