Toyota Corolla SR5 Thunder




Sam brought his ’86 Toyota Corolla SR5 to the most recent SASCA autocross.  Why Trueno?  That was a Japanese model name designation – it is Spanish for Thunder.  He bought it about 5 years ago and at the time it had sugar in the gas tank.  He has been nursing it back to health ever since. 

On grid & ready


Sam has been autocrossing for about a year, now.  This was his third time.


A nice side profile


Although the engine looks modified, Sam says all the updates are cosmetic – it surely looks fine.  I could see that it was breathing better, with a modified air filter intake & a freer flowing exhaust.


CR5 engine bay detail


I was not able to get any more information, but I’m sure the suspension has been upgraded.  I do recall Sam mentioning something about a better rear differential.  As to Sam’s results, he placed okay in his STS class, otherwise known as “in contention”.


Anticipating the next run


I thought the carbon fiber hood (on a fiberglass base) looked very striking – do you?.


Gleaming carbon fiber!


Some would call Sam’s car a “trailer queen” if he didn’t take it out to autocross, but it is definately NOT.  He is enjoying the vehicle he has nursed back to good looking AND good preforming health.


Racing Ready is working on nursing a ride back to health, as well.



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