Captivating CR-look Honda S2000

Blue hot anticipationBlue wheel passion

See those beautiful metallic blue wheels? I have to admit, I was like a moth attracted to a flame, being drawn to this beautiful piece of automotive functioning art. I originally had no intention to actually talk to Rick, the owner of this immaculate 2005 Honda S2000. Rick actually asked me about my salivating attitude towards his wheels. I had to admit, blue is my favorite color…

Preparing for Novice action

Rick explained further that these Work Vx-XX brand wheels were not painted that color, but powder-coated. I didn’t know you could powder coat metallic colors – that’s cool AND functional!

When I asked Rick what other modification he had added, he listed the following:
– TEIN S-Tech springs (about a 1.5 inch drop, it gives a better, aggressive look and improved cornering)
– Invidia Exhaust Test Pipe (it allows for enhanced exhaust gas flow, replacing the catalytic converter)
– the front lip (spoiler) is from the S2000 CR model

Open air competition at its best

When Rick came over to show me more about the front lip he became concerned to discover where he had “kissed” a cone, on the front right corner. Upon further investigation, he felt he could buff it out, making his jewel of a car look great, again. It really DOES look nice…

Cone kissing scar

I especially got a kick out of the instructions for top down use, all with symbols. Essentially, it says to use the top down in all conditions, EXCEPT hurricanes/tornadoes!

Top always down in these conditions

Racing Ready wants to assist in creating racers that will run in all but the extreme conditions!


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  1. le début est un peu compliqué mais après c’est du bonheur et plus le temps passe et moins ça sera une obsession tu t&rn817;eton2e#as même quand tu te léveras un matin et que tu te seras rendu compte que tu n’y as pas pensé en ouvrant les yeux !! Courage Bon dimanche les filles ^^

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