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Regarding Engine Breathing for Performance, here’s an update with some additional details.  When I visited with Craig at the 9/28 SASCA autocross, I was able to take some additional, up-close pictures of his well-breathing ‘9X Mazda Miata (he calls it his Teal Turd).  Also, Craig would like you to visit the videos he’s posted of his car:

Alongside other Miatas

Holy perferation, Batman!

Open for business

At the 10/5 SPOKES autocross, Tom (inventor & seller of Get Your RocksOff fame) recorded this video of one of his runs.  He set up his compact, digital video camera mounted on his right rear fender, just behind the tire (just below the ART decal).  You can hear little rocks spin off his tires and rattle the protective camera housing.  His comment: “Running over cones & chasing course workers!”  Click on Tom’s car below to open his videos page…

The RocksOff Datsun Special, by Tom

And, a Honda S2000 Extremes update.  Stanford, the owner of that fast & red 2006 Honda S2000 with large , recently provided me with these links regarding his progress..  There is a lot more “stuff” than I was expecting.  He sure is a busy body.  Make sure you have some time available, there’s a lot here to digest…   


Car History 

Laskey engine build shots, dyno plot (15 PSI) 

CCW 10 Inch Wheel Photos     

Innovate Motorsports Article (EFI Tuning) 

Innovate Motorsports Article (Carb Tuning) 

One more thing – I’d like to welcome aboard a new member to my Blogroll (that’s the listing over to the right, see it?)  Bruce blogs about a variety of car stuff at Its’s Car Stuff.  Check out what he has to blog about and send him some comments his way if you feel it’s appropriate.

It\'s Car Stuff










I am appreciating the growing number of comments and requests – thank you!  I usually catch them daily following up with them within 24 hours (with the exceptions to weekends & holidays).  Racing Ready is on it!


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