Autocrossing Tony Kart For Sale

Vitek, driver of the silver Timing is Everything Subaru WRX STi, brought out his shifter kart to the SPOKES 10/3 autocross. It was sort of brutal watching him get “banged up” while out on course at speed, but then again, he did have LTOD (lowest time of day).

Vitek, poised to attack

Here are the details:

1999 Tony Kart

Honda CR125 2-stroke (stock) engine

6 speed, sequential shift

Patiently waiting for a new owner

He says that due to the way this kart is geared, it’s best for autocrossing. It is geared to top out at about 80MPH! Vitek mentioned it’s not ideal for road course events, noting, “Those guys would run away from me!”

Bottom line? It’s yours for $1800.

If you’re interested, leave me a message in the Comments & I’ll get you in contact with Vitek.

Vitek karting at speed

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  1. BTW, at the 11/23/2008 SPOKES autocross, Vitek told me he had finally sold his kart featured here. He said somebody that was at the Texas A&M autocross purchased it. He says he misses it already…

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