Getting Autocross Ready (ME!)

Tonight I’m breaking rank with my usual routine – no reporting on people’s rides, histories and autocross experiences….

Nice looking blue Maxima PPG Champ Car Pace Car 

A few months ago I explained about a Check Engine Light issue I had, that I wanted to address.  This afternoon I got my car back from Andy, my mechanic.  For my 2000 Nissan Maxima SE (5-speed) I had the 6 coils replaced, put in 6 new Bosche Platinum +4 spark plugs, had the front left axle & both CV boots replaced, the belt tensioner tightened and an oil change.  The engine now purrs & hums smoothly, no longer going chugga-chugga.

On the way home I bought an external enginer cleaner/degreaser & a fuel additive to help clean out the “respiratory/combustion” areas of the engine.    It has about 7/8’s of its original “get up and go” now.  Andy says it will take awhile for that one fouled cylinder to clean itself up.  That’s why the SES (Service Engine Soon) light is still proudly on display…but I can hear & feel the vast difference in almost all regained power.

Then at home, as the sun set, I removed the major first layer of dirt & road haze that had gathered for months on my car.  I’m finally taking my car back from appliance to vehicle I enjoy driving and showing.  Tomorrow I will get up early, before the major sunshine & clean my car further.  Who knows, I may even start to clay & wax it some…

As I told my wife – it sure feels nice to have a car I can feel & be proud of.

In addition, I submitted my proof of insurance to SASCA (a requirement for using the AT&T Center facility parking lot).  Lastly, I registered for this Sunday’s SASCA Autocross #10 online at DLBRacing.  A pretty slick system, which I’m sure saves time taking care of paperwork getting the event rolling early Sunday morning.

Multi car insurance isn’t always cheaper than conventional, single car cover. Compare the two together, using all of your relevant personal details, to get a better idea of costs.

Finally, I can truely say I’m starting to get Racing Ready !


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3 thoughts on “Getting Autocross Ready (ME!)”

  1. Agreed! Time to get jiggy wid it.

    Myself, I got my fire extinguisher installation done today, have covered up the lights. Just got to get the car gassed up, inflated, and checked over and I’m out on the track tomorrow.

    I hope to bring it home shiny side up and undamaged, unlike last time!

    I look forward to reading about the first event.

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