Porsche Boxster S Limited Edition @ Auto-X

Dennis featured his brand new, brilliant orange 2008 Porsche Boxster S Limited Edition at the recent SPOKES autocross on 10/5.  You couldn’t help but notice that bright color, only available within that Porsche limited series model.  

Dennis on grid, about ready to go


This was his second event with this car – it has only 4000 miles on it.  Dennis calls this his “fun car” – he’s really enjoying it.  He has been autocrossing on & off for about 15 years.


Porsche Boxster S Limited Edition front quarter view Porsche Boxster S Limited Edition rear quarter view









He has owned and driven other Porsche models, from 928’s to 911’s, and says that this Boxster is the easiest & most neutral Porsche to drive.  He describes going around curves & cones as a smooth, controlled rotation motion.  This is so as its a mid-engined car, with the engine ahead of the rear axle. 

You can\'t see it, but there IS an engine in there

This Limited Edition Porsche Boxster S is completely stock, except for the contrasting 3M blue painter’s tape Dennis applied that morning. 😉  This is to protect that vivid, but creamy smooth orange paint from suffering rock chips. 

Contrasting 3M Painters Tape protection

So what sets this Limited Edition model Boxster S from your standard unit?  It’s the collection of options that make this Boxster special:

  • SportDesign package (an aggressive front spoiler lip, a revised rear spoiler that automatically extends, & an integrated rear diffuser
  • Sport suspension
  • Sport dual-tip exhaust system
  • Alcantara on the seats, steering wheel, shift knob & handbrake & other trim pieces
  • black fabric convertible top
  • engine is a 3.4-liter flat-six with Porsche’s VarioCam Plus system, producing 295 hp
  • 19” alloy wheels (black with silver edges)
  • and a distinct Limited Edition plaque on the dash (it says #194/250, but the sun washed out the 194…)

Limited Edition plaque, #194/250

Dennis said you could buy all these options separately, but this package sells for a much more reasonable amount.  He lives in Austin, but had to go to Houston to purchase this model. 

Additional details with orange roll hoops

This Porsche is striking and noticeable in its presence, but is not a poser – it can stand up to that first impression of performance it exudes. 

Interior detail of Alcantara


The special rear diffuser

 But, not only does it look & sound good, it goes good, too – as you can see!

Dennis at speed!

Racing Ready is “pumpkin ready”…


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