Initial 1st Autocross Observations

Transitioning from my role as autocross observer to competitor took place for me today.

SASCA participants on grid - my ride is that white whale in the middle

Today the SASCA autocross event #10, was at the AT&T Center parking lot in San Antonio, TX.

I’m not sure why, but the adrenalin and gee whiz joy were not there like it was for me 15 years ago.  In other words, all this pent up anticipation I’ve had since I started this blog over 4 months ago is lackluster.  Is this a symptom of getting older?  Put another way, I’m disappointed.

Why?  Well, sitting here, recovering from a nice, full day in the sun, I’m trying to figure that out.  I’m coming to the realization that my ride, a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE (5-speed), is not at all a competitive autocross vehicle.  I remember it was marketed as the 4DSC (Four Door Sports Car) -NOT!  Unfortunately, it’s the only ride I currently own…at least I’ve gotten it up to relatively normal stock operation for an 8 year old vehicle.

No longer a poser

It was good to be able to have a total of 8 runs to work through issues.  When I autocrossed 15 years ago, we were lucky to get 4 runs – 3 was the norm.  Also, it was good to have my own helmet and not have to put on an often borrowed loaner (see more info here).   I picked up a used, black full face motorcycle helmet ( Snell-rated M1995) for very cheap.  It works fine & is legal.  One less thing to have to borrow.

I want to thank my co-worker, Brian (author of the SwitzerTwins blogin my Blogroll, to the right), who motorcycled his way out to today’s autocross to take my picture & some video of my runs.  I will post more information (& musings) about this day (relearning how to autocross), pix & video later this week.

Racing Ready continues to support the sport of autocrossing and its participants.


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