Purposeful Focus (by Shellie & by Ford)

In a number of the past few SPOKES autocross I have seen this modified Ford Focus.

Shellie at the start, ready to run 

At the 10/5/2008 event, Shellie was there, once again with her silver car she calls Rudy (named after the Notre Dame football player that was always underestimated).  It is a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 model.  This was her 4th autocross with Rudy – she started at the Pearsall Divisional event this past June.

Rudy the Focus, on grid

 Back quarter of Rudy

 Shellie says people joke with her trying to play “Where’s Waldo?” in trying to figure out what parts and/or pieces have been eliminated since the last outing.  Apparently, Shellie’s husband Martin is trying to make this car more competitive.  By removing and deleting non-essential parts and pieces, he’s making the car less slow, or some would say faster.

Shellie at speed

When you look inside, it’s become pretty much stripped out – there’s not much left to remove.  Usually the passenger seat is gone, but she had it put back in this time to allow for the possibility of ride-along coaching.  Shellie quoted the weight to be just over 2K pounds.

Purposefully gutted interior

Regarding Shellie’s driver’s seat – it had to be raised close to 3″ using wood block spacers so she could better see over the steering wheel.  She said it’s a lot easy to spot cones coming, now!

The boosted perch for Shellie

As to performance enhancements, this car already came with its own lowering kit, but with all the weight reduction the height has climbed back up some.  Martin has put in a smaller, lighter battery.  Also in the engine bay is this modified blue intake pipe, but (unfortunately) I don’t have any specific details on that.

Engine bay of Rudy

She also has upgraded to a better than stock tires (the Falken Azenis) and lighter wheels.

Falken Azenis tire

At the next event, we’ll see if there are are any other noteable subtractions that were done in the name of less weight & more speed.

Racing Ready is considering some weight trimming enhancements, as well.


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