Starting Out in Truck Autocrossing

When you think of autocrossing, you think of cars competing, but not trucks.  Well, at the SPOKES autocross of 10/5/2008 there were 2 individuals who brought 2 very different trucks.

On grid, Jeremi is getting ready

Jeremi has been having fun, driving on the street.  He wanted to see what he could do at an autocross.  I got a big kick from the dual stripes on the side of the hood – Jeremi has a good sense of humor.

The bed view

Jeremi brought his daily driver, a 1990 Chevy S-10 truck.  In the past he owned a Mazda RX-7 Cabriolet that he enjoyed, but for some reason, he’s gotten so much more fun from this little truck.

Jeremi @ speed

It’s not fancy, but it definitely gets the job done for Jeremi.  He’s done some modifications: upgraded the brakes and added a front 1″ sway bar.  In the future he wants to put a Subaru boxer engine it, but not go the 4WD route – interesting.

The S-10 engine bay detail

Jeremi had a fun time getting out there and just seeing what his truck could do, shredding his street tires & enjoying it…

In the home stretch x 2!

… see here how Jeremi has upgraded his Chevy S-10.

So you ask, what about the other truck that autocrossed?  You’ll read about that other extreme tomorrow…you’ll have to wait!

Racing Ready encourages the starting autocrosser, whether driving cars or trucks.


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