The Other X-Treme in Truck Autocrossing

Yesterday I teased you about getting into autocrossing with trucks.  Here’s the anticipated information about the second truck.  To say the least, it was an interesting surprise.

XRunnIT banner

This truck’s owner saw a glimpse of his truck from my blog post last Friday about Dennis’ Porsche Boxster S Limited Edition.  He got excited and posted it on a forum he participates in, a couple of days ago (XR-Underground Forum blog reference) .

I edited the “as an aside” shot to make it easier to see and more appropriate for this posting.

The X-Runner glimpse!

Jason is the very proud owner of his 2007 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner.  He’s had it since July 2007.  He has recently moved from Las Vegas, landing in the Austin, TX area.  He was participating in the SPOKES autocross of 10/5/2008.

Jason X-Running @ speed

Hungry for a great finish!

He is very seriously into modifying and upgrading his truck.  I tripped across a website that goes into much more detail & additional modification pix of his truck.  Go to Jason’s “XrunnIT” at Car Domain.

Jason, if you thought that previous “glimpse” shot was newsworthy, the shots I have posted here are a worthy addition to your ‘XrunnIT Web Portfolio’.  You & your fellow X-Runner forum buddies should enjoy these additional images & info posted here about your cool truck…

X-Runner on grid, waiting for action

X-Runner rear quarter view

The color is listed as BSP – aka: Black Sand Pearl.  This is the ultimate stealth color, so as not to intimidate the unknowing ignorant driver in the other lane.  But watch out, it’s stealthy for a reason!

X-Runner engine bay detail

Here’s a partial listing of modifications & upgrades to Jason’s X-Runner:

  • TRD Supercharger
  • APR 7th Injector (to pre-cool the intake air charge)
  • Doug Thorley long tube headers
  • Exhaust Timing Gears
  • 170* Thermostat
  • K&N Cold Air Intake
  • URD 3″ Catback
  • B&M S/S
  • Denso IKH22 Iridium Plugs
  • SS Perf Drop (1.75-2″ drop front coils, 2.25″ drop rear composite leafs)
  • EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads
  • …and much more…

The major issue of autocrossing a truck is to get that rear end to stick.  Since there’s relatively little weight back there, the rear end just seems to swing back & forth.  This would make for some very interesting driving dynamics, what with rear wheel drive traction (or lack of it).

Stock tires & wheels - for now...

Therefore, Jason is waiting for some new dropped shocks and upgraded sway bars.  He says the truck weighs 3965 lbs, and puts out 350HP at the wheels.  BTW, the wheels and tires are still stock.  If he wants to continue to improve in autocross, I’d think those items would be critical to upgrade, soon.

The cab is stealthy, too

To the casual passenger, the cab looks stock.  But no, Jason has added a short throw shifter kit, as well as some different paint on the console.  Again, you can see this and MANY more details, better, at Jason’s “XrunnIT” at Car Domain.

It’s great to see a motorsports enthusiast proud of his ride and willing to share the details with other entusiasts on the Web!  Racing Ready is another logical & emotional outlet for this!


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