Modified Miata – An Expensive Hobby

Zoom-Zoom, the Mazda Credo

At the SPOKES 1/5/2008 autocross event, Sherman brought his 2006 Mazda Miata to compete.

Miata shining in the early dawn sunlight

The SCCA class CSP, C Stock Prepared, lets you modify quite a bit to your street capable daily driver.  Here’s what Sherman has done, so far, without specific product details:

  • suspension upgrades
  • new, upgraded flywheel
  • appropriately new clutch
  • full exhaust
  • replaced brakes and rotors
  • larger wheels
  • R-compound bigger tires for those wheels

Cockpit swathed in creamy leather - looks comfy

Sherman is enjoying his autocross hobby.  But he did mention that since he’s in an upgraded, modified class, there are cost issues.  To quote Sherman,

I need to get back to the stock class, it’s getting expensive!

On grid, ready to go

He did note that of the 30K miles he has on this ride, he feels about 10K of them are racetime mileage!  WOW, that’s a LOT of racing, Sherman!!!  When do you have the time?

Sherman @ speed

I’m still amazed by the tough character of these little Miatas.  They run for miles & won’t quit – and they are a competitive, fun to drive ride, too.  Racing Ready wants one!


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