Autocrossing Sponsorship – Free Tires!

At the SPOKES 10/5/2008 autocross, I visited with Dak, a regular autocrossing participant.  I have already profiled his car here -> Body In White.  You may recall the distinctive flame wrap job.  If you are in the Houston, TX area, Display Graphics does a great job!  It’s hard to believe his Volkswagen Golf GTI was originally white (it still is beneath all that wrap).

Dak's flame job VW GTI

On this day Dak was debuting his new Falken Avenis tires, sponsored by  In other words, he was able to get this full set of tires for free! It did take Dak some consistent effort, though.  What and how did he do it?

Falken Avenis tires - from sponsor
Falken Avenis tires – from sponsor

Dak diligently e-mailed a number of tire sales retailers (at least 10).  He sent off pictures of his “flamin'” car, his autocross activities, times and results.  Critical to his success was his persistence, following up with repeated phone calling and additional e-mails with more details.  Part of the appeal was the attraction of his car as a stand out – it brings all sorts of attention just parked there.

Vulcan Tire logo

So, will have sponsorship advertising on Dak’s GTI.  Although it was not yet present at this autocross event, the sponsorship graphics should be on the car by now.

Team Racing Ready logo

Sponsorship is something that Team Racing Ready is starting to do with its advertisers along the right panel – click & visit them; see what they have to offer you, to improve your motorsports experience.


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2 thoughts on “Autocrossing Sponsorship – Free Tires!”

  1. Hey, i was reading your post about Dak’s golf that got sponsored and was wondering besides contacting the people what else does one need to do to get sponsorships, like legally, is there anything to really worry about?

  2. Hi berto,

    Basically, like anything in sales, you just need to get yourself out there & ask. Could be easier if you have a good “Friends” list on Facebook…

    As to legal ramifications, I’m sure that depends on the sponsor. If they’re concerned about it, they could have you sign a waiver.

    Good luck!
    Racing Ready Dan

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