Small Yaris – Big Potential

It’s interesting to note that many smaller, lower powered cars do well in autocross competition.  Apparently, since there is less mass to get around the cones, they can be maneuvered around them better.

With this in mind, I had been wondering about the autocross performance potential of the small Toyota Yaris.  Would it be an effective autocrossing platform?  At the SASCA autocross, on 10/19/2008, Aaron brought his Yaris to compete.

With the beginning modifications Aaron has made, his Yaris is noticeably better in how it looks & sounds.  It is definately a start in the right direction.  Here is what he’s done, so far:

  • a generic cold air intake
  • the suspension has been lowered 2″
  • an “invisible” exhaust bypass
  • he did a plus 1 size upgrade to the wheels/tires
  • the tires’ size changed from a stock 205/50, to a bit less compliant (more stiff) 205/45

Aaron is having fun learning what his Yaris can do.

Racing Ready is having fun learning what this blog can do.


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