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Paalo, of Golf GTI DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) fame (and purveyor of wheel specifications fame at, had sent me the following, to give me some pointers for preparing for my first participatory autocross, on 10/19/2008.

Golf GTI on grid waiting for Paalo
Golf GTI on grid waiting for Paalo

Start at 45 front and 50 rear.  Be sure to re-check them before runs.  If you can get some clean runs in, but still feel like you want a little more precision from the car, bump them up another 5.  The trick is getting in some runs you feel at least slightly happy with before you start trying to change things.  If they start feeling really slippery, they’re getting greasy and you’ll need to start spraying them to cool the tires, but it’s not something I’d worry about your first time out – just want to make sure you know there’s a difference between slippery due to greasiness and wonky handling due to pressures.  It’s already getting cooler so greasiness shouldn’t be much of a factor although your compound does get harder with age ……..  Just have to drive em’ and see.

Paalo at speed
Paalo at speed

Thanks to the useful resources of SASCA (a source of compressed air to increase tire pressures), I went back & forth with tire pressures between 50 PSI to 42 PSI.  Having 8 runs to get my car sorted out got me a chance to learn how my car reacts with different pressures front & rear…

I had planned to post more information about my first autocross run specifics, but I haven’t yet been able to get the screen shot images to save correctly.  I’m working on this as I want to show you something fun, something my car has in common with the VW Golf!

Racing Ready is working to show you more…


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