Racing Weekend Recovery

It was a long & busy weekend – I had to “rest & recover” at work today.

A very brief overview:

  • Saturday, 11/8, at Harris Hill Road, watching a variety of Porsches & other vehicles with a couple of interesting surprises

It’s good that I have gotten out of my comfort zone and started to autocross my Nissan Maxima.  In 2 weeks, for the SPOKES autocross, I have committed to co-driving with Jerry (my mentor) in his stock 1990 Mazda Miata.  I think that will definitely increase the fun factor at an autocross event for me.

I made a decision (that could vary) about what I will do at future autocrosses.  Up until the 10/19/2008 autocross, I was enjoying visiting with people & learning about their variety of rides being flogged about the course.  Subsequently, I’d have plenty of content to provide you, dear reader, to post in this blog.

You would think after a busy weekend at 2 events I would have plenty to write about here.  It was not so – twice the opportunity & about 1/3 the content.  Well, I’m thinking I will autocross every 2nd or 3rd event & play the blogger/observer role the rest of the time.  I may also co-drive with other owners cars, if they’ll have me.

Still working through my path here…forward with Racing Ready.


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