Panoz GT Racer Immersive Experience

Things happen fast at Harris Hill Road, and not just the racing cars.

Within 10 minutes of arriving at the Porsche Club of America DE (Driver Education/Driving Event on 11/8/2008), I found Eric who tracked down Bo Rivers (his father-in-law & owner of Harris Hill Road).

Bo said, “Let’s go!”  We went into the garage area of the club house and jumped into his Panoz GT Racer.

Bo wanted to get out before the Porsche drivers started their event.  I climbed over the wide sill & plunked down into the racing seat, getting the 4-point belts on and adjusted quickly, while Bo got out on track.  At 8:40am the track was cold and so were the tires.

As a true race car, the biggest first impression you notice is the noise.  With the combination of straight cut transmission/transaxle gears and NO sound insulation, you heard all sorts of mechanical noise.  It was SO loud,  It was hard to even hear the cold tires slide & protest their way around the corners.

There was only one problem with this drive-along, it was only 2 laps – TOO short!  But I did value this good, quick introduction to high performance, road course driving.  In only 2 laps I found it more involving than the 10 laps I did with Ron this past July.

That Panoz might not look like much, but wow, it’s a balls to the wall, meaning business, full-on race car!  It can take full advantage of their 1.8 mile road racing track.  Here’s a little shot from the back of Eric’s business card:

Later in the afternoon, Eric (he manages the day-to-day operations at Harris Hill Road) sat down with me and strongly recommended I come back up to H2R during the slow winter season & get some track time with one of their cars.  I WILL be definitely be in touch with Eric about this proposal.

Racing Ready really does need to get some serious seat time to get beyond wannabe racer status!


P. S. – Visit here to see other cars in the H2R stable!

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