Unexpected Mazda RX-7 – No Rotary?

Being involved in the competitive car scene, you form certain expectations. When you see a rotary-based Mazda vehicle, you expect it to sound a certain way. That wasn’t the case with one car at Harris Hill Road (H2R) this past Saturday.

Phil’s 1993 Mazda RX-7 definitely sounded a lot more “throaty” and definitely aggressive. Upon his opening the hood, I noted the engine definitely wasn’t of the rotary variety. What was in its place did look like it belonged there. This was a transplanted Corvette LS-1 engine!

Phil achieved this by using a Hinson engine mounting kit. Apparently this is a popular engine swap for this & other Mazda models. Phil is the fourth owner of this RX-7, and he did the engine swap at 52K miles. He has since put on 10K more, enjoyable & trouble-free miles.

The LS-1 motor is stock and he fabricated the cold air intake. He upgraded the shocks with Konis, and the suspension he upgraded to better coilover springs.

One thing that is unique to this 1993 Motor Trend Car Of The Year is the limited edition release of this particular color – Competition Yellow. There were only 300 editions released in this stunning yellow color. It’s a striking pearl-like finish, a sharp yellow that glistens very seriously in the sun. Phil hopes not to have to do any partial painting because it just wouldn’t look right – he’d have to repaint the whole car.

Running this car at H2R was so much fun that Phil was sharing the hot lapping duties with his friend Art. Art is a regular autocrosser with his kart at SASCA events, many times posting the event’s LTOD (lowest time of day).

Racing Ready does not want to be a limited edition, but available to all of motorsports interest!


P.S. – Sorry for the temporary disappearance of today’s blog – it’s fixed now…

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  1. I haven’t seen this entry, but since you say “no rotary”, I’m guessing it’s an LS1 🙂
    [Posted during my blog’s mysterious disappearance today. Dan]

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