Daughter & Dad, in a Cadillac CTS-V

Another interesting surprise was witnessed this past Saturday at Harris Hill Road (H2R). A young lady, thinking I was some sort of event official (it must have been the clipboard & Racer Magazine hat), came up to me asking about ride-along rules. She wanted to ride along with her Dad on the track. She had ridden with him at other similar events & wanted to verify if it was okay (it was…). I pointed out the official she needed to talk to, and asked her (Ana) what her Dad was driving.

I found out that Ana’s Dad (Paul) had brought his 2004 Cadillac CTS-V. That was cool & different!  During the day I heard from a number of drivers surprised (and pissed!) at seeing a Caddy in their mirrors, and then getting passed by it!

Paul bought this Cadillac CTS-V used & has been very happy with its performance and its stealthy appearance. He loves the surprise he gets from other drivers. He also really appreciated letting someone else take the $15K depreciation hit. 🙂

This CTS-V is pretty much stock, but he has made some minor, but effective modifications & upgrades:

  • a pinion support to reduce/prevent rear axle hop on hard acceleration form a standing stop
  • racing brake pads
  • a UUC motorwerks shifter kit shifter kit
  • a K&N FilterCharger
  • running the engine & transmission with Amsoil fuels
  • using his stock, scratched rims, Paul is running 235/40-18 Dunlap R-compound racing slicks on all 4 corners
  • he has some nice chrome wheels & wider, aggressive rubber for street use

Paul started autocrossing in 1974 & has been dabbling at that for some years. He also has been to the Texas World Speedway (TWS) to participate in Driver’s Education events.  Ana was able to ride along with her Dad, I asked her about it.  She said this was the first time her had Dad scared her, but she did say it with a smile.  I guess Paul was really pushing it!

Racing Ready is working to push the envelope, too.


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