Why so many cryptic acronyms?  Hmmm…  Read below for a full disclosure.

A week ago today, at the H2R DE/TT (Harris Hill Road Driver’s Education / Track Time [I think]), I was able to arrive there early enough to listen in on the drivers’ meeting. You could also call it a HPDE; that’s a High Performance Driving Event, as defined by the NASA (National Auto Sport Association). This event was being run by the CBR PCA (Coastal Bend Region Porsche Club of America).

At most of these motorsports events, when you sign to see the auto insurance rates, you are given a wrist band. At this event, you were given a specific color band (green, blue, yellow, red – in this order). This was to assign you to a specific run group according to your experience level and your car’s speed potential (from lowest to highest). The point is to group participants and their cars into appropriately similar groups for safety concerns.

Rene, the CBR PCA president, explained the rules and expectations of the day’s event. Each color group was to get 3 – 30 minute runs on the track. There was no set lunch period. This was a high speed track event, NOT open racing! On the H2R track there are specific passing zones. They are indicated by orange cones with flags; the green flag is the start of the zone, the red flag is the end of the zone. Pretty straightforward. Otherwise, there was to be no passing (indicated in the red zones, below).

Also, you don’t just pass when you want to. The driver ahead of you needs to see you in his mirrors. Then he will do a “point by” with his left arm out the window.  This indicates you can pass safely. In this way, no one is surprised about being passed at speed, and safe high speed driving is continued.

Since this was a Porsche Club of America event, yes, there were a majority of Porsche cars going schnell.  But, as I’ve documented this past week, there were others: a 2009 Nissan GT-R, a 1993 Mazda RX-7, and a 2004 Cadillac CTS-V.  All variety of enthusiasts vehicles were accepted & allowed to run.  I plan to have a couple more vehicle entries to post next week…

I’m glad I got there early enough to learn what was expected of the participants. I plan to be in that category in the future, too! Racing Ready will document my path…


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