2nd Autocross Results @ SASCA

You may be wondering if I learned something from my first autocross.  Yes, I did and I applied it at the SASCA autocross on 11/9/2008, my second autocross this year.  I learned what seemed like a good tire air pressure balance, front to rear, and stayed with it at this event – 46 front, 43 rear.  That let me try to concentrate on learning the course, and the proper line through it.

Multiple SCCA Solo 2 Champion Andy Hollis designed and set up the course.  All agreed it was a good course.  A little technical in the beginning, with a long medium speed slalom (at least 8 cones), a left-right shunt, a short slalom, a grand right turn sweeper & a higher speed offset slalom (4 sets of cones, I think).  I’d love to show you the layout, but it was all in Andy’s head & never put to paper (darn!).

Anyway, here’s my series of 9 (!) runs.  Again, not exactly consistent, to say the least.  The “+1” refers to a hit cone, which is adds a 2 second penalty (ouch!).  Run #5 is where I locked up the brakes going too hot into a turn, and I actually backed up to avoid knocking over 3 or 4 cones, oh well.  It is what it is…

This is still very much learning about how to make up for physical/mechanical shortcomings of the car & my mental shortcomings and how to deal with them.  Some people have said autocrossing is like playing golf:

You really aren’t competing against others, you’re competing against yourself!

When you think about it, it’s true.  Here at Racing Ready we try to only deal in the truth…


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