Balanced Diasio D962 & Porsche 968 Team

At some of these events I attend, you get to see & experience some awesome vehicles that are definitely not for the street. They are most appropriate for the race track.  David brought such a race car to Harris Hill Road (H2R).

He brought his Diasio D962.  It looks like a miniature Le Mans series/prototype racer at first glance.  When the rear access panel was removed, you could see the Yamaha YZF engine.  It is stock (rated at 150HP) and connected to the rear axle via direct chain drive.  On the Diasio website, you’ll see the current model (D962R) uses a stock Renesis (twin rotary) engine mounted longitudinally, powering the rear wheels via a F3 transaxle.

David’s Diasio race car weighs only 1150 lbs.  It’s built on a FABCAR chassis, with a rigid, but lightweight Kevlar body.  You can’t see it, but the engine is mounted in a transverse orientation.  David said that this specific edition of a Diasio was a development “mule”.  It was a one-off research and development prototype chassis.  Also of note was this was the first model to make use of independent rear suspension.  This is similar to but not exactly like the Diasio you can buy today.

David is of average stature, not as tall as I am, but he still had to make amends to fit his helmet.  That’s why the driver’s side window is lacking.  Makes for great ventilation (or buffeting), I’m sure.

Watching this race car speed by you could hear its wonderful, high pitched song – very sweet!

Accompanying David was Judy with her 1992 Porsche 968.  Five years ago she was in love with her special edition Chevy Camero Z28.  She had the automatic transmission version, because she couldn’t wait for the later release of the manual shift version.

Not long after meeting David, she “saw the light”, and got her sweet white Porsche.  Today she enjoys participating in track events like these with David.  She now better appreciates what balanced handling is all about.

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