Innovative Miata Tire Carrier

Many times a solution for a problem has to be decided on and executed with vision.

Craig, one of my SASCA autocross buddies, had a quandary.  He autocrosses a Miata he affectionately calls the ‘Teal Turd‘.   He wanted a solution to carry his autocross tires & rims without a trailer.  He looked into the Tire Tail, but he didn’t like all the tire/carrier weight hanging way out in back.  So, Craig came up with his vision of a unique and sensible competition tire carrier.

It’s different and it works for him.  It all starts with the base tied to the trailer hitch, and goes up & over the trunk from there.  You have to make sure you’ve got what’s in your trunk settled, because basically you’re committed!

Craig is a fun competitor & has a great attitude on autocrossing & life.  Some of his advice helped me to get over my initial disappointment after my first autocross, in my Nissan Maxima daily driver.  Next Sunday, I will be autocrossing differently; I’ll be co-driving with Jerry in his stock 1990 Miata – should be awesome fun!

Racing Ready takes things seriously, but ya gotta be a goofball, once in awhile !


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  1. Jouvarti I was so glad to see you not long ago. You are quite industrious and I love it.Paul Things are betetr, then they are worse, then they are betetr but I keep hanging in.Alias I have written a little more, but my self loathing of my own work gets in the way of posting it. I’ll try harder. I feel some things coming back for me, but they are slow.

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