Teamwork For Hot Laps From Corpus Christi

The recent CBR PCA event at Harris Hill Road (H2R) brought a number of other competitors from the Corpus Christi region. There were 3 drivers (Da Boys) who traveled together as a group.  They brought their modified, but still very “daily drivable” sub-compact cars; 2 Mazda Miatas & a Honda Civic.

Joshua, the red 1993 Honda Civic owner, explained that he & his buddies had previously owned & competitively drove more expensive , higher end cars.  But they always broke and were expensive to repair.  They have since switched over to more economical Hondas & Mazdas.  They really don’t break, are not temperamental & are simply more reliable.

Makes sense to me, as a former owner of a 1993 Honda Civic Coupe!  I miss that car – should have never sold it after 9 years with 125,000 miles…It’d be a great autocross car, now!

Back to Da Boys…

Most noticeable in Joshua’s Civic engine bay is that HUGE , honkin’ air plenum chamber, between his K&N filter & the engine air intake port.  It looked cool & did the job to better drive air into the engine for more horsepower & torque.

I could see that he had done some other engine mods & suspension upgrading.  Unfortunately, these guys were getting ready to pack up for their 3+ hour drive home & time was short.

Brian owns the white 1990 Miata.  To the uninitiated (still me, blush…), the engine bay doesn’t look too different.  Well, to set me straight, Brian explained to me what WAS different.  He had originally swapped out the original 1.6 L engine with a 1994 Miata 1.8 L engine.  But now in its place was a 1999 Miata 1.8L.

Brian drove to H2R with the Miata hardtop in place, but removed it for his 3 lapping sessions.  Brain explained that having the roll bar installed really tightened the chassis up on his car.

Time being of the essence, I was not able to avail myself to talking with the third Corpus Christi driver, but included his aggressively-winged Mazda in the picture.

These guys help each other out & have fun.  That’s what it’s all about.

And off they rode into the sunset…

Racing Ready is here to (hopefully) help you out, too!


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2 thoughts on “Teamwork For Hot Laps From Corpus Christi”

  1. Josh has cams, valves, ecu tune, coilover suspension. Brian has a 99 motor, coilovers, poly bushings, 6ul rims from, and running megasquirt engine managment. Hes never taken the hardtop off. The red miata is John Zapada’s. He has a turbo, coilovers, stiffer antirollbars, diffuser, etc. He competed in redline time attack at VIR in October. These are all of there street cars. The white Integra next to them was Ben and the Green spec miata was Jake. All five of us came up from Corpus. If you want more of our story we will be at MSR-H Jan31st and Feb 1st 2009.


  2. Also Randy came down with us in his red M3. We have quite the little group here in Corpus. The yellow, white, and black vette and red ws6 firebird are from corpus as well but came seperatly. Nice article man we have been talking about it on our local forum

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