Last SPOKES Autocross This Year

Tomorrow will be the last SPOKES autocross event (#10) of this year.  It should be a good event, what with many people getting in their last chance to compete & have autocross fun till next year.  As of this posting, there are 57 people pre-registered at AXWare Systems – Online Race Management.  There will be more that just show up – there always are.

Here’s a course map that you can review.  I’ve already downloaded a copy & have started to sketch out what I think could be the proper racing line.

As a Novice, I will be sure to do the Novice course walk through to get some pointers.  I also plan on co-walking the course with my mentor & co-driver, Jerry.  He’ll be able to provide authoritative opinions, since he knows the autocross strengths and weaknesses of his stock 1990 Mazda Miata.

Should be interesting…

I don’t plan on posting to the blog tomorrow – it will be a long, busy day.  Racing Ready will see you next week.


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