Autocross Cone Humor

When explaining the details of the last SPOKES autocross this year, I failed to mention some additional information.  The guys from the SPOKES club have an interesting sense of humor.

The traffic cones used on an autocross course layout can serve multiple purposes.  Look at the detailed close-up of the course map below.  See the reference to the “Kenny cone”?

If you’re a fan of the South Park animated show, you will appreciate the dark humor here.  The course designer felt that this cone would be the one most likely to get hit or “killed”.  Apparently, that is an ongoing theme with the Kenny character on South Park.

Since some of my dark humor comes from the influence of the Saturday Night Live television show, I would choose a different character.  Mr, Bill, of “Oh nooooo!” fame, was always getting hurt & maimed by Mr. Hand.  So, here is my variation on that cone I’ll call the “Mr. Bill cone”.

I’m not advocating any sort of driving violence or road rage here.  It’s a fact of life that autocross cones get hit.  I know, I’ve hit my share.  It’s always a subject of jokes & cartoons in autocross circles.

Racing Ready encourages autocross runs without downed (hit, maimed or killed) cones.


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